EDGE Publishing Company aims to become one of the most successful publishers in the industry and we want to make all of our authors achieve their goals. We have a gifted production staff and pledge to work with our writers to market each book in the mosteffective way in order to see the highest sales possible.

We take pride in offering the most author-friendly publishing service in America. Whenyou become part of the exclusive EDGE Publishing family, here are a few things you can expect:

• Beautiful custom cover design created specifically for your book guaranteeing your
product to be noticed on any shelf.

• Professional editing and text layout, registered ISBN, and author copyright.

• Assignment of personal marketing representative who develops a strategic marketing plan for every book; including press releases, book signing scheduling, and monitoring availability of the book online and in brick and mortar stores at all times. Themarketing representative is the personal contact for any marketing requests and on-going needs of our authors. (You heard it right—our marketing staff remains at your service for the life of the book, and a book is forever!)

• Book can be produced in paper format, audio book format and e-book format. Audio books are an $800 million/year business and constitute 10-15% of overall book sales in America. E-books are also quickly gaining popularity as technology allows you to read books on your PDA, cell phone, computer or a stand-alone e-book reader.

• Other options include a book trailer and website design. A book trailer—just like a movie trailer— is a 30 second commercial for your book and is an excellent way to create excitement at speaking engagements or as part of a viral marketing campaign on websitessuch as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Furthermore, since a website is a necessity these days, our staff can create and host a website for the life of the book.

• Our books are available for sale on and other partnership sites. (Authors tell us this is often one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of being a published author when they first view their book listed and available for sale on numerous websites!)

• Feature the books of our authors on bookstore to assist in generating perpetual sales.

To learn more about royalties, author investments, as well as production services and timelines, please contact EDGE Publishing Company directly.

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