Gretchen Zimmer
Accepting Apples   By Gretchen Zimmer

This character children's book teaches the reader to be accepting of differences in others, even though you may not understand or think that the choice someone else is making is the right one.  The book focuses on acceptance and diversity through a carefully tailored message designed specifically with a child in mind.

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ABCs Really Creep Me Out 

By Gretchen Zimmer offers readers a whimsical glance at common fears.  The use of alliteration may be taught effortlessly through the book and the conversations that are sure to follow.

F is for Football By Gretchen Zimmer

F is for Football By Gretchen Zimmer is a wonderful combination of the love of sports in conjunction with literary skills. Additional topics that may arise include the importance of teamwork, career exploration, and leadership.

The Turbulent Turkey         By Gretchen Zimmer
An enchanting exploration of everyday barnyard animals that learn quickly the harsh effects of bullying as well as offering fantastic discussion on self-confidence, and the importance of respect.
Careless Cupid is the third book in The Seasonal Series for Life series by Gretchen Zimmer.
Careless Cupid is the third book in The Seasonal Series for Life series, due out just in time for Valentine’s Day, 2011.  Most every child can identify with the flighty, energetic nature of CC the Careless Cupid as he “….let his wings or mouth take off before he turned on his brain.”  His patient mom, is a wonderful model of tolerance and love as she literally takes him under her wing offering support and guidance.